The main idea behind this Open Source Project is to have a Playstation Network API that everyone can use and change in any way he wants.
The idea came from a couple of available PSN API (GetInfos and Trofeos) and one Xbox Live API from Dunkan Mackenzie.
Besides GetInfos being Open Source, it's based on PHP. Because that I resolved to start a new one using a good source control and allowing other developers to help.

Why a web service?

The web service approach is just to keep what all the others are doing but the way this application is being designed it really doesn't need to be a web service, you can use it's core with almost any application. This is possible because all the collection operations run on the core and the web service is only a very easy interface to show the results.


Sony kicking this project butt

Know more

To know more about this application you can go directly to the Documentation page.

See the API working.

Test the application
Please, only use this address to see how it works, not as your information source.

Help us

You can help us by creating patches, participating in the project, managing the documentation, opening tickets or even just giving a little donation.

I would like to thank the creators of GetInfos and Trofeos API since I got some ideas from their projects. Specially the creator of trofeos API for his help lately

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