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Is you see a bug in the api, instead of opening a new discussion create a new issue. With the issues it's easier to keep tracking of what's being done.

I would like to thank in advance for you contribution to this project.

This API does not seem to work anymore

first post: Travis959 wrote: After Sony's recent maintenance, this does not appear to be working...

latest post: Harpreetdeftsoft wrote: I tried to use this API , and calling the GetProfile or NewProfile ...

NET 3.0 compatible Version for Linux Servers

first post: Littlelink wrote: Hello,is it possible that a NET 3.0 compatible version is available...

latest post: Littlelink wrote: Hi,the Version Version 1.0.3852.30835 was running fine, so i think ...

Participate on this project

first post: jmtvms wrote: Hi,I'm opening spots for this project so more people can help with ...

latest post: efrenb5 wrote: Sign me up jmtvms. I'm looking to have this API up and running so ...

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