Common.Collector Class


This class contains all base collection methods that are used to collect information from the Playstation Network.
The localized collector class must inherit from this class.

Class Structure

internal class Collector
    internal CookieContainer _CookieContainer;

    internal Collector()

    internal virtual System.Net.HttpWebRequest CreateHttpWebRequest(string url)
    internal string GetSourceCode(string url)

Class Objects


_CookieContainer : CookieContainer
Cookie container that holds all the cookies used in the requests and responses on the Playstation Network website.


This constructor instantiate the CookieContainer for this class making it able to start collecting cookies.


CreateHttpWebRequest(url : string) : System.Net.HttpWebRequest
This method create a web request used to collect the page information from Playstation Network
- url : string - The url used to create the web request.

GetSourceCode(url : string) : string
This method collect the source code from the page passed on the url parameter.
- url : string - The page url from the Playstation Network page to get the source code.
Updated on Version 1.0.3852.30835.

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